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Hellenic Radio Services S.A.

HRS S.A. is the parent company of the group and was established in 1983 by George Tsanis and is authorized by the Greek Authorities and the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) to act as an Accounting Authority in order to settle maritime radio communications accounts. Also the company offers services related to satellite communications through the International Maritime Satellite Organization (Inmarsat).
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Customer Focused

HRS’s portfolio is customer focused supported by over 30 years experience. Your need is our first concern.


Our staff is committed to offer you an excellent 24/7/365 support, upon receipt of your request, according to your needs and expectations.


We are always flexible, reliable and cost optimized. Our proposals are tailored made according to client’s needs.

Commercial Strength

Our strategic partnerships give us the advantage to offer a wide range of maritime communication solutions to the maritime industry.

Group of Companies

Worldwide Maritime Communication Services

Professional Servises
Service & Installation

Our technical department is constantly updated on upcoming training sessions and is able to schedule properly the attendance of service technicians, following the evolution of new technology. In additional, by receiving updates and supporting software by manufacturers, the information flow is maintained on every-day basis.